Program Services

Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease may be eligible to receive many services offered by The Kidney Foundation of the Greater Chattanooga Area. Each service offered is governed by the Patient Services Committee and all requests for services are reviewed monthly by this committee.


Transportation Assistance – This service allows patients whose normal means of transportation becomes unavailable or who have an extra burden because of the necessity of regular trips to dialysis financial assistance for transportation.

Nutritional Supplement Assistance – Many patients develop low nutrition levels while undergoing treatments. The Kidney Foundation offers a variety of nutritional supplements to increase nutrition levels.

Utility Assistance – Because many patients lose their job or are faced with reduced working hours, the burden of continuous monthly expenses can be overwhelming. The Kidney Foundation offers grants to assist with utilities such as electricity, water, heating gas, and telephone service.

Medication Assistance – Through this program, The Kidney Foundation assists needy kidney patients with the purchase of life-supporting medications. These individuals have no other agency to turn to for assistance in purchasing their expensive and numerous medications.

Rent/Mortgage Assistance – The Kidney Foundation understands the monetary struggle many kidney patients face after being diagnosed with end stage renal failure. Through this program, assistance is offered to patients to assist with rental and mortgage payments.

Food Assistance – Many patients spend all of their money on medication and household expenses, which leaves very little to none for the purchase of food. The Kidney Foundation offers assistance to help keep food on the table for kidney patients and their families.

Medical Equipment Assistance – Patients diagnosed with kidney disease may find that certain medical equipment may be prescribed by their doctor, but have no money to purchase such equipment. This service provides patients help with medical equipment such as walkers, eye glasses, shower chairs, etcetera.

To obtain an application for assistance, please call The Kidney Foundation office (423) 265-4397 or see your clinical social worker.


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